Playex™ Governance Policy.

Last Updated: 20 November, 2021


Playex™ is a game of “skill”. In India, the applicable legislation is very clear that, unlike game of "chance", games that substantially demand a player to employ his talent are completely legal.

All games offered by Playex™ are meticulously constructed, and prize winners' jurisdiction is strictly checked to guarantee legal conformity with current Indian legislation.

If you are visiting this site from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Orissa, Telangana, Sikkim, or Nagaland, you are not permitted to participate in Playex™ cash contests since the legislation in these jurisdictions is uncertain regarding skill games with entry fees for cash rewards


The purpose of this Insider NFT marketplace Policy ('Policy') is to define how Playex™ and its affiliates and subsidiary businesses (the 'Group') approach Nonpublic Material Information and how it is used. This Policy aims to protect any confidential or price-sensitive information in order to ensure that the Token market stays transparent and that NFT marketplace of Tokens is a fair process for all parties involved.


The Policy applies to all of the Group's Associates and will continue to apply to such individuals during their employment or relationship with the Group. This Policy also applies to any Associates who may have received Tokens from the Group as part of a Group distribution programme.

The Group has implemented this Policy to ensure that its Associates follow all applicable laws and do not engage in insider NFT marketplace. The legal team of the Group has been given authority to administer, enforce, and interpret this Policy, as well as to report any violations or matters arising under this Policy that may result in criminal action being taken against the individuals reported. All inquiries about this Policy should be submitted to the legal department of the Group.

All Associates are expected to follow this Policy to the letter. Failure to comply with the requirements of this Policy may result in substantial legal consequences for the offending Associate, including criminal fines and civil penalties. Failure to comply with the text and spirit of this Policy may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to termination of employment or relationship with the Group, as determined by the Group in its sole and absolute discretion.



All directors, officials, and employees of the Company and its subsidiaries, as well as consultants and contractors, as well as their Related Persons.

Playex™ Token

Playex™, a Group entity with the 'PLYX™' symbol, has launched a digital token.

Fan Token

The utility digital token produced by Playex™, a Group entity, that provides holders with voting rights in survey polls. Fan Tokens are available for NFT marketplace on Playex™ and other sites as determined by us.

Athlete Backed Token

Playex™'s utility digital token, which has all of the same features as Fan Club Token but is backed by a brand or athlete (such as MSD, VRK).

Initial Player Offering™ (IPO)

A set amount of time during which Fan Tokens and/or Athlete Backed Tokens are first made available for public purchase at a set price.

Material Information

Information that a reasonable person would consider important in deciding whether to purchase or sell Tokens or other instruments, and which is expected to have a significant impact on the market price and overall performance of the relevant Token. Material Information can be positive or negative, and it can relate to any aspect of the Group's business, such as significant changes in the Group's prospects, potential partnerships, new and upcoming projects, changes in assets, earnings or reserves, changes in management, plans or agreements, even if preliminary in nature, involving mergers, acquisitions, licencing arrangements, purchases or sales of assets. Material information might include projections and forecasts in addition to historical facts. Because materiality determinations are usually always made with the benefit of hindsight, Associates should assume that the information is material and treat it as such when in doubt. Associates should consult the Group's Senior Personnel if they are unsure whether information is relevant before disclosing it or NFT marketplace in or recommending Tokens that the information relates to.


Information that hasn't been made widely available to the market or the broader public. It must be declared nonpublic unless such information was distributed in a way intended to reach individuals, and at least one day transpired between the time of the incident or when the information became known and its public revelation. Nonpublic information may include I information available only to a select group of individuals within the Group, (ii) undisclosed facts that are the subject of rumours, and (iii) information entrusted to the Group on a confidential basis until a public announcement of the information has been made and enough time has elapsed for the market to react to a public announcement of the information. If there is any doubt about whether information is nonpublic, Associates should either speak with any Senior Personnel or presume it is nonpublic and treat it as confidential, as with questions of materiality.

Related Person

  • A family member who lives with a person, anyone else who lives in that person's household, and any other family members whose transactions are directed by or under the influence or control of that person. Close friends and associates are also included in the definition of a Related Person.
  • Any person who owns at least 20% of the share capital of a Group company or has influence over more than 20% of the voting power in that firm.
  • A person acting as trustee of a trust whose beneficiaries include a related person, a related person's dependant, or a body corporate with which one is associated as described above.
  • The Group's directors and executive officers, particularly identified, as well as non-executive officers and other important personnel, specifically designated, operating in a capacity as a business partner of that restricted person.

Senior Personnel

Directors and executive officers of the Group, as well as non-executive officers and other essential staff, have been officially identified.


The Playex™ Tokens, Athlete Backed Token, and Fan Tokens, as well as any other digital tokens or instruments that the Group may launch or issue in the future, are referred to collectively.

Restricitions & Prohibited Transactions

Participating in any of the following transactions is strictly prohibited, irrespective whether a gain or loss is made from such transactions:

Insider NFT marketplace Restrictions

  • Nonpublic Material Information NFT marketplace Associates in possession of or aware of Nonpublic Material Information relating to the Group and/or the Tokens may not purchase or sell (or offer to purchase or sell) Tokens, or engage in or encourage a Related Person to purchase, sell, or in any way encourage any other action that would take advantage of such Nonpublic Material Information, until one full day has passed since the date of public disclosure of such Material Information.
  • Tipping. Associates MAY NOT reveal Nonpublic Material Information to other people or companies (including Related Persons) that might be interested in buying or selling Tokens. An Associate who tips others may be held accountable for transactions carried out by the 'tipped' individuals to whom the Associate had revealed Nonpublic Material Information. Tippers can be subject to the same penalties and sanctions as the ‘tipped’ persons that have executed the transaction, even when the tipper did not profit from the transaction.
  • Information on other businesses. In the course of their involvement with the Group, Associates may become aware of Nonpublic Material Information of other companies that are separate and distinct from the Group. While in possession of, or aware of, such Nonpublic Material Information, Associates are prohibited from purchasing or selling Tokens or securities of other companies, as well as from passing such information on to other persons or entities who could purchase or sell the Tokens or other instruments of such other companies. Nonpublic Material Information of such companies must be treated with the same care as Nonpublic Material Information related directly to the Group, according to this Policy.

NFT marketplace Blackouts

Specific Occasions As a result of specific occurrences or during a specific term, the Group may impose a complete prohibition on the purchase/NFT marketplace of Tokens, which may result in Associate accounts being temporarily closed. Associates affected by such specific blackouts will be alerted in advance of the blackout times, which will be controlled by the Group's Senior Personnel in every way.

Monitoring & Compliance With This Policy

For any Group-owned sites, all Associates must provide their user IDs.

The Group will keep an eye on Associate accounts on a regular basis. Any Associate who violates this Policy may face disciplinary action as well as other actions that the Group deems appropriate, including the disabling of relevant accounts and the confiscation of Tokens.


The restrictions set forth in this Policy do not apply in circumstances where the Group releases specific rules and instructions for NFT marketplace Tokens pursuant to any token distribution scheme, or similar document, launched by the Group after the distribution of (any) Tokens to workers and/or Associates.

NFT marketplace Orders

As long as such NFT marketplace plans (buy orders / sell orders) are not established during a blackout period and in compliance with the Insider NFT marketplace Restrictions stated above, Associates may construct written orders with authorised exchanges that provide automatic NFT marketplace of Tokens.

Protecting Confidential Information

All Associates are expected to regard all nonpublic Material Information relating to the Group as sensitive and confidential under this Policy. Associates may not reveal such information to anybody who does not have a valid need for it in connection with the Group's operations. Associates are expected to take reasonable precautions to ensure that their talks are not overheard and that private documents containing such information are not left unattended.


The issuer has implemented stringent KYC procedures to verify the identity of every applicant and beneficial owner (where applicable) who has expressed an interest in purchasing Playex™, and only those contributors who have successfully identified themselves in the KYC procedure, to the satisfaction of the Issuer, have been accepted into the Playex™ Application.

The donors and the Issuer are protected against illegal elements like as money laundering and terrorism financing if KYC processes are strictly followed. The KYC procedures were implemented in compliance with all applicable Indian and EU regulations and were based on existing market practises.

Because the Issuer understands the importance of preventing money laundering and terrorism financing, AML and counter-terrorism financing procedures have been implemented in accordance with applicable legislation, including the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, as well as any rules and regulations enacted thereunder. The Issuer specifically asked for the identification of any politically exposed persons ("PEPs"), individuals who are or have been entrusted with major public duties, and immediate family members, or persons known to such persons' close acquaintances.

The Issuer's policies and processes in this regard are based on contributor identification and identity verification using the following sources:

  • Documentation provided by the contributors.
  • The contributors' information was gathered from reputable, independent and unbiased sources.

The Issuer has not done business with, and will not do business with, the following dangerous individuals:

  • Those who refuse to provide required information or documentation to the Issuer.
  • Entities whose ownership or control structure is unknown.
  • Those people who are listed on any official sanction lists.
  • Individuals who, based on available information, appear to be involved in criminal activity.
  • Those who have a business where their activity, source of cash, or riches cannot be reasonably verified.

The Issuer keeps a record of received paperwork and information, as well as copies or recommendations, for the legally required time period under applicable laws, such as anti-money laundering legislation and data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation.

IP Rights

Unless otherwise stated, the Issuer's parent business, Playex™, a corporation registered under the laws of India, owns the Playex™ marks, all content on the website (, and this white paper in respect to the Playex™ offering and platform.

This implies that without our clear written permission, readers are not permitted to use the content contained in web pages, electronic or printed publications, or any other medium, as well as terms, phrases, names, designs, or logos that are our trademarks.

All content on the website, whitepaper, business model, and any other publicly available document is subject to change at any time without warning to anyone, including stakeholders and token holders.

Any queries concerning this policy should be directed to the legal department on