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Playex™ is an ultimate fantasy gaming platform that allows users to win money by using their gamings knowledge. The unique NFT marketplace feature lets allows our users to buy and sell their fan club tokens and which makes Playex™ different from hundreds of other fantasy apps. Riding a roller coaster is akin to playing Playex™.

Playex™ functions around Two-T’s:

  • NFT marketplace
  • Tournament


  • Backed Token - Tokens that are directly supported by the athletes it belongs to on the platform.
  • Fan Club Token - Tokens that are supported by the fan club of an athlete which are currently not backed by that athlete. However rest-assured, we are working on it.

Initial Player Offering™ (IPO)

Initial Player Offerings are offerings made by Playex™ for the users to apply for their favourite Fan Club Token. After allotment of these tokens the users can either hold the offering that comes with it or sell it to our other users at certain price.

Read below to know how to participate and win through the two models and earn the big league.

Play Small, Trade Big

The athlete’s token NFT marketplace brings immense excitement to the users where they can win big every minute. Once the users get well-versed with the statistics ( Mr Analyst™ ) of their favourite athlete, they will apply in the IPO for the Fan Club Token or Backed Token of that athlete. Each of those tokens contains certain “rights” attached to it. The user after being allotted the tokens can either keep them and utilise the rights attached to it, or sell them to an another user anonymously on the platform’s exchange.

Note: The ‘right’ on every fan club token is termed as the right to vote, engage, participate, etc. These rights can be utilised through various polls, rewards, quizzes, as and when available on the platform.

The Fluctuation Game

Every fan club token comes with a value fluctuation. This means that a user will experience both highs and lows while NFT marketplace the tokens, where the fluctuations are completely based on the demand and supply of the athlete’s token.

The fact that a users’ rewards are dependent on the player's success adds to the intrigue.

For instance, when a player's performance improves, so do a users’ chances of earning money from the game and vice versa.

The token trade of a particular athlete can only be done during the time the athlete is playing a game. Once the match of that athlete gets over, the token trade for that particular athlete will freeze and will only resume once the athlete is playing his/her next match.

The user who wants to buy/sell the token at the time when the athlete is not playing its game, he/she can buy/sell the token at the price where it last froze.

For example, if a user purchases Kohli's fan club token. At the commencement of a particular match, the price was INR 50. The final price was 73 at the end of the match. The price of that token will remain at 73 until the next match begins. And anyone interested in purchasing that token between the two matches must do it at 73.

Note: The Fan Club Token of the retired athletes like Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Jordan and others can be bought and sold 24*7 and their NFT marketplace will not freeze.

Points to remember:

  • The status of the token changes from a fan club token to a backed/supported token once it has been backed by an athlete.
  • A retired athlete’s Fan Club Token can be traded anytime-but it is not the same for an existing athlete.
  • The value of users’ Fan club tokens fluctuates based on the supply and demand for that token.

Your Fantasy, Our Tournament

The platform’s fantasy tournament allows users to create a team comprising athletes from different gamings after monitoring the athlete’s performance and selecting them based on their statistics. Only the active (non-retired) athletes can be selected in a team. The users can play in the tournament 24x7.

The user must ensure that multiple players selected for the tournament must have at least one match in the given duration of the tournament.

For example - In a tournament given today, a user can select a five-player team consisting of MSD, Federer, SainaNehwal, Michael Jordan, and ViratKohli. The fantasy team should not have more than three players from the same real team and all the multiple players selected by the user must have at least one match during the duration of the tournament.

The Platform Workflow:

  • After a user has registered, he/ she can pick any of the upcoming tournaments on the given day.
  • On selecting any of the upcoming tournaments, the user has to pay a small fee starting from 50/, 100/, or 1000/ rupees.
  • Once paid, the user can now form a team with upto 5 or 10 players.
  • Now you are all set to play your fantasy tournament.

How to win big?

The focus of our platform are NFT marketplace and Tournament, Two-T’s that can help you win big.

Want to ace this game?

Understand how to we function and channelize your gamings mind to win with Playex™.

Get your favourite athletes token and engage in the game of NFT marketplace. Follow the fundamental and technical analysis to learn the statistics ( Mr Analyst™ ) of all the athletes and invest in the process of buying and selling off your favourite athlete’s fan token to make big profit.

We keep your experience fun by offering regular tournaments. Use your gamings mind and combine it with our fundamental analysis and create a team of athletes from different gamings. Always do your research before creating a team.

Tips: Always keep track of Playex™ NFT marketplace Chart to record the token price fluctuations of your favourite athletes and make full use of the Gap Time between tournaments.

NFT marketplace – token allotment and utilise or sell the token. Player Tournament

For eg.- A user creates a team of 5 athletes with MSD, Federer, Saina Nehwal, Michael Jordan, and Virat Kohli for a specific tournament lasting upto 1 week. Their Fan club token value in the start of the tournament is set to be 100, 100. 50, 110, 75 respectively, with a total of 425.

Now at the end of one week, the fan club token value stands at 150, 120, 63, 77, 25 with a total of 435 for MSD, Federer, Saina Nehwal, Michael Jordan, and Virat Kohli, respectively.

The difference after week 1 of the tournament i.e. at the end of the tournament stands upto 10 (435-425) fan club token points.

The winner of the tournament will be based on the highest fan club token points bagged by the user. For eg - A has 10 points, B has 100 points, C has 70 points and D has 127 points.

The user with the highest fan club token is D, and so the tournament winner is D (user).

Read the table below for a better understanding.

Price at which the User has created the team:

Price Token Value
MS Dhoni 100 PINR
Roger Federer 100 PINR
Saina Nehwal 50 PINR
Michael Jordan 110 PINR
Virat Kohli 75 PINR
Total Aggregate value 425 PINR

Price after 1 week, which is at the end of the tournament:

Athlete Token Value
MS Dhoni 150 PINR
Roger Federer 120 PINR
Saina Nehwal 63 PINR
Michael Jordan 175 PINR
Virat Kohli 68 PINR
Total Aggregate value 576 PINR

NFT marketplace Platform

NFT marketplace platfrom is a place where users can communicate and interchange FMT in the given pair. It's simply a swapping application with a NFT marketplace experience allowing user to provide NFT marketplace knowledge while having fun at the same time.


User can start playing a fantasy tournaments on the different leagues across various players on the platform. Tournaments are live 24x7 and accessible globally.


Manage all your holding of verious token and also deposite and withdraw as and when you like. Ahh wait, you can also use crypto currency to deposite and withdraw in PLYX™ tokens.