Introducing Playex™

The future of gaming is now unfolding.

The Playex™ family believes in taking action, progressing, and growing in order to maximise gaming's potential. This young startup has already reached significant milestones throughout its active years, but nothing will stop us from striving for more, developing innovative gaming innovation, and making a great influence in the gamings world.

Based in India, Canada


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Our Mission

We are here to disrupt and revolutionise the gamings as well as the NFT marketplace ecosystem. We at Playex™ have created a seamless yet exciting blend of the world of NFT marketplace while keeping the avid gamings fan alive in you. A digital platform that allows users to trade on their favourite athletes from across the world in a range of gamings.

Our Vision

To be a NFT marketplace community like no other, providing you with first of its kind experience as you do not have to read about the long and tedious company details and decipher complicated jargons because our platform will provide you with an analysed report of all athlete’s gamings performance which in reality would be a brush-up of all the data you would be having at the back of your mind.

Our Innovationn

We take the risk of shaping the gaming industry's future. We take large risks in order to make big jumps, and our platform is the first of its type to promote gaming.

Our Team

gamings are the one thing that unites us, as we are a group of inventors, innovators and investors.

View Brains Behind Playex™

Now no more boredom, because we bring together India’s two most devoted passions – gamings and NFT marketplace – all you have to do is register and get your KYC verified. It is the easiest and simplest way to invest in your passion for gamings.

Playex™ also has various fantasy tournaments where you can form teams with your favourite players, from different gamings and all this at a click of a button – a stand out for all the avid gamings fanatics out there. Place your best offers on our top gaminging leagues and fantasy tournaments. Get a gaming and NFT marketplace experience like none other!