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What is Playex?

Dive into the world of Fantasy Sports Trading Exchange with Playex™.

Playex™ is a revolutionizing platform that uniquely blends two of India’s most favorite passions – Sports and Trading – giving its users a first-of-its-kind experience that is a stand-out in itself. It is a world-class trading community that not only gives its users an opportunity to apply for the Fan Club Tokens of their favorite athlete through IPOs (Initial Player Offerings) but also exchange those Tokens with other users on the platform through a simple buying and selling process.

Sports enthusiast?

Here, trading meets tournaments!

Be a part of Playex™ tournaments and elevate your fantasy sports experience. Our platform offers a twist with regular tournaments that can be played by creating a fantasy team of your favourite athletes from different sports.

We believe that passion should be recognised and that every fan, no matter where they are in the world, has the right to have their voice heard. Assimilate your team, gain access to VIP benefits and promotions, and become a part of a global community of super-fans.

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Key Differentiators

Playex™ Features

Know what makes us different from other fantasy sport

  • Use your sporting mind to trade your favourite athlete’s Tokens on Playex™.
  • You can participate in the tournament by creating a team of athletes from different sports. You can Play on Playex™ 24x7, globally.
  • Playex™ allocates Fan Club Tokens to the users which can be either used in trading or keeping it for the benefits it brings. Use your tokens wisely!
  • Make informed decisions when it comes to your trades. Watch the sports, keep an eye on the markets, and sell your stocks when the time is right! The better the athlete performs, the higher the value of his/her Token gets. You may withdraw your earnings anytime!

Sport Ecosystem

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Get yourself listed by now and create an engagement with your fans.

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How To Play (Play & Win)

The game's format is simple: all you need is a basic understanding of sports and keep track of the players' recent performances. The regulations are simple: follow the instructions mentioned below and play with Playex™

  • Register on the platform.
  • Enter your KYC details and wait for verification
  • Once the KYC details are verified, the process of registration is completed.
  • Each user will have their Virtual Token Wallet where he/ she can keep their Fan Club Token.
*Note: The user can engage on the platform in two ways –
  • Play the Fantasy Sports Trading of Tokens on the platform
  • Play the Fantasy Tournament

Playing + Fun = Playex

Refer and Earn

Refer Playex™ to your friends and Win Fan Club Tokens. From poaching tokens in groups to talking about your preferred players and sports in various tournaments and influencing your friends collectively. Playex™ is always better with your sports fanatic friends.

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Playex™ is now available on you favourite devices. Making it easy for you to access our platform over multiple devices of your choice.

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